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    Brief Introduction of ZJTIE

    Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics(ZJTIE), one of the first-batch Excellent National Backbone Vocational Colleges, is a full-time public provincial vocational college supervised both by Department of Education of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Materials Industry Group Corporation(ZJMI), a world Top 500 Company. Previously known as Zhejiang Provincial Materials School established in 1978, it is approved officially in January 2002 by the people’s government of Zhejiang province to upgrade into a higher vocational college.      

    In 2015, it is listed among the first-batch pilot four-year vocational colleges for talents cultivation. Covering an area of 576.5 mu and floor area of 263,000 square meters, ZJTIE has nearly 9,000 students at school.      

    Adhering to the schooling philosophy of “Morality as Orientation foundation, Practice as Foundation, Excellence as pursuit, Optimization as aim”, and relying on the strong materials industry background, ZJTIE is dedicated to building a first-class higher vocational college boasting international popularity and domestic distinctive characteristics.  

    Being a UNESCO-UNEVOC center, ZJTIE and ZJMI have jointly established a corporate

    university—Management School of Zhejiang Materials Industry Group Corporation.