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    Foreign Teachers Wanted


    Position Requirement      

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above;      

    2. Two years’ teaching experience or above;      

    3. Good organizational skills;      

    4. No distinct or strange accent in speaking;      

    5. Aged below 65;      

    6. Good health.      

    Position Description

    1. Position: Language Teacher of Listening or Speaking;      

    2. Workload:      

    1)no more than 300 periods/semester(40 minutes/period);

    2)2 hours of teaching seminar or English activity organizing/week;        

    3. Students: aged from 18-21, able to communicate in English.      

    Salary & Welfare

    1.  Monthly Salary: RMB7000.00(before Tax), 10 months' salary totally plus yearly bonus;      

    2.  A month’s paid vacation;      

    3.  Free lodging (with a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom including toilet & shower, a kitchen) with furniture, bedding, television, refrigerator, air conditioner, internet access;      

    4.  Free school shuttle bus in running time;      

    5.  Round international flight tickets once per year(Max 8000 RMB);      

    6.In-patient medical insurance for foreigners.


    Jack Kang      

    Phone: 0571-86928211      

    Email: coolkangsir@126.com