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    The Initiation of Excellent Waiter Training for the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in ZJTIE


    China will host the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Hangzhou, and in order to fully implement “four satisfactions” promoted by the secretary Xia Baolong, that is, to satisfy the Party Central Committee and General Secretary, to satisfy the foreign heads of state, to satisfy the people of the whole country, to satisfy the requirements of the people of the province; and also in order to fulfill the “four satisfactions” in high standard which promoted by Party Secretary Zhao Yide, G20 summit designated Zhejiang and Zhejiang Travel Hotel Management GroupZhejiang Tourism Group(ZTG) which is the reception unit to choose 34 students in ZJTIE to take part in the service work. On March 1st, ZJTIE organized the mobilization meeting of excellent waiter training for the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) summit. The vice president Huang Chunlin of ZJTIE attended the meeting and made a statement, and other participants includes 34 students of ZJTIE, leaders and teacher’s deputies of Academic Affair Office, Student Department, and Management Technology College.

    Vice president Huang Chunlin pointed that, holding G20 in Zhejiang is an important political task designated by the country and it is also an essential event which will be related to both the country and everyone in China. The fortunate students who can participate in the service work should regard it as a significant mission, and these students should always be consistent with the Party Central Committee and pay attention to their behaviors and personal safety, since they will represent our national image. Vice president Huang Chunlin said it is also a rare opportunity to practice and study for students and he hoped that students and teachers could seriously participate in the training and passionately learning from the training in order to add luster to ZJTIE.    

    This mobilization meeting marks the beginning of the excellent waiter training for the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) summit in ZJTIE. All the teachers who are responsible for the training attended in the meeting, and the first lesson about professional ethics of the service for G20 was given by the vice president Zhang Qiu Ye of the school of management technology.    

    It is said that ZTG began to select students in ZJTIE from December, 2015. On the support of leaders of ZJTIE, more than 200 students from nine majors including hotel management, foreign languages, logistics, business administration, international trade, etc. actively enrolled in the training. In the following half year, ZJTIE will closely cooperate withZTG to make training plans for students.    

    Xu Huilin, who comes from Class 2 of Management P412214 is a member of the 34 students who will take part in the service work, she said that she was proud of herself to make her contribution for G20 summit, and she would make efforts in the training and cherish the opportunity to add luster to ZJTIE.  

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