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    The Participation of the Staff of the School of Management of ZJMI in Learning Workshop of the Spirit of Annual Meeting


    The Annual Working Conference of 2016 of Zhejiang Material Industry Group (ZJMI) was held in ZJTIE on February 27th and February 28th. On March 3rd, the staff of the school of management of ZJMI was organized to participate in the learning workshop of the spirit of annual meeting, and Li Xiaoyang, the deputy director of the research and development of course department of school worked as a facilitator.

    Thirteen employees who took part in the training was divided into three groups, wholly participating in the learning of the three units of “moving up, workshop, ending”. The whole process of learning activity was held in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. In the workshop, the staff of ZJMI seriously learnt the spirit of annual meeting of 2016 of ZJMI. Besides, based on the requirement of the development of the ZJMI, the learning group summarized the key work of the school in 2016 by using the ABC tool. The staff reached a consensus during the activity, that is, firstly, it’s important to focus on the topics about one body two wings strategy, circulation 4.0, overall listing, and risk-prevention, and secondly, it’s also important to pay attention to the training program like executive education, teacher education, performance improvement workshop, material party school and so on. In such a way, the training could help to solve the difficult and key work of ZJMI and help to achieve the overall objectives. In addition, the staff sincerely sang “True Love” in chorus.


    At last, the responsible officers of each department made their announcements, and vice president Xu Xiaohong of the school made a summary statement. Firstly, vice president Xu Xiaohong expressed that the workshop was meaningful and effective, and such kind of workshop could be held more frequently. Secondly, vice president Xu Xiaohong hoped that the staff of school could take part in the plan and research of the program of leadership and professional function. Thirdly, she hoped that we could realize the improvement of both of the quality and quantity of the training program in 2016 on the basis of existing achievements.          

    From the beginning of this semester, the School of Management of ZJMI quickly started with their work: undertaking the annual meeting of 2016 and principles- discussing meeting of ZJMI Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.continuing to strengthen learning, and enhancing the overall quality and professional competence in order to strive for the development and honor of ZJMI.  

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