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    Delegation of South Korea Kwangju Women's University(KWU) Visited ZJTIE


    Recently the teachers and students of in-flight service major of South Korea Kwangju Women’s University visited ZJTIE. Vice president Huang Chunlin expressed a warm welcome at the friendly meeting with South Korea guests and hoped to promote international cooperation between KWU and ZJTIE. Professor Hu Zhenhao, director of Culture and Art Department, Associate Professor Han Yan, director Assistant and Professor Fu Qiang dean of in-flight service major and some teachers attended the meeting.  

    Professor King, leader of the delegation, gave a brief introduction of KWU as well as the school- running characteristics and international communication status. He highly praised the students in good manner, neat dress and appearance. The two parties exchanged ideas in curriculum setting and practice of in-flight service program. The two parties found many similarities in enrollment, curriculum setting and teaching. The two parties both emphasized theory and practice combination and cabin simulation in teaching. KWU paid more attention to small class teaching and the module teaching.  

    Students demonstrated their skills during the interactions. ZJTIE students fully showed the talent of modern Chinese college students and gained the cheers and applauses from the South Korea students for their passionate dance and manner & gesture training. South Korea students showed fine South Korean makeup skills, South Korea styled dance and Korean etiquette in a warm atmosphere.  
    This interaction was the first step into the world for in-flight service major of ZJTIE. Foreign airlines recruited more and more Chinese crew member in the world today which played a significant role in cultivating talents with global vision and international competitiveness.

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