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    2021 Chinese Bridge Online Delegation ---- Study Tour to Chinese Vocation Education Opens on Monday


    On 29 November 2021, ZJTIE undertook the 2021 “Chinese Bridge” online group project, which is hosted the Ministry of Education Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center. The project continued with the theme of “China Vocational Education Experience Journey”, attracting 109 participants from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia through “Silk Road College” and “Luban Workshop” overseas. At the opening ceremony, Professor Zheng Gangqiang, director of Foreign Affairs Office and International Education Center of our school, showed the students the introductory film of the institute, introduced the history and characteristics of our school, and welcomed the students who participated in this project.

    In order to run the online group project of the “Chinese Bridge”, our school takes the experience of the previous activity, integrates the high-quality educational resources of the school, organizes the backbone teachers of the Institute of Culture and Art and the Institute of Commerce and Circulation, adopts the organic combination of the three modules of “live teaching + online interaction + video course”, and takes “Chinese + skill foundation” as its characteristic. Through learning the basic knowledge of Chinese, we can understand the Chinese traditional culture such as Chinese festivals and Chinese folk songs, feel the cultural characteristics of Hangzhou such as Hangzhou West Lake and Hangzhou Cuisine, and experience the development of ancient and modern Chinese vocational skills such as traditional handicrafts, tea art and cross-border e-commerce, with Chinese as the bridge, to show the style of Chinese vocational education and promote people to connect.

    The successful implementation of the project will inject new vitality into the international exchange of our school in the post-epidemic period, provide a learning platform for overseas students interested in learning Chinese language, culture and vocational skills, and consolidate the achievements of the construction of “Silk Road College” and “Luban Workshop”, and promote the task of high level higher vocational college construction in our school.

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