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    ZJTIE Successfully Held 2022 Online Training on New Energy Technology for Automobiles


    From November 21 to 25, the China-Germany-Mongolia Automotive Technology Application Training Seminar was successfully held in ZJTIE.

    At the opening ceremony held on 21 November, Dr. Sylvia Van Ziegert, German Director of GIZ Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development, Ms. Ding Xue, Senior Advisor of GIZ Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development, Ms. D. Otgonchimeg, Head of VET and Training of GIZ, and Ms. Xu Kai, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Vocational Education Group "One Belt, One Road" International Collaborative Alliance for the Training of Applied Talents, Professor Huang Chunlin, Vice President of ZJTIE, and Professor Tan Lihong, Dean of Automobile Technology School attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Dr. Li Xiaoyang, Director of External Affairs Office of ZJTIE.


    In his speech, Prof. Huang Chunlin reviewed the experience of our institute as a UNEVOC Center to carry out extensive cooperation with Centers around the world, and pointed out that this training is another cooperation between ZJTIE, VETP and GIZ in the context of the epidemic. Supported by the strength of our university, the strong support of German and Mongolian cooperation agencies and the joint efforts of all trainers and trainees, we believe that this training will bring new experiences and gains for the trainees from Mongolia.


    In their respective speeches, Dr. Sylvia Van Ziegert, and Ms. D. Otgonchimeg, fully affirmed the effectiveness of the training seminars in previous years, expressed their appreciation for the hard work of our trainers, and wished the trainees to gain more in-depth knowledge through this training, and to improve communication, increase trust and build partnership through this platform. The trainees of the previous training shared their experience at the opening ceremony and highly appreciated the knowledge and practicality of the training.

    A total of 21 trainees from Mongolia participated in this training. During the five-day training period, teachers from Automobile Technology School and the provincial skills masters from enterprises jointly formed a teaching team, using a variety of forms such as lecture method, virtual simulation teaching, interactive discussion, combined with specific models of operational examples, explained in detail the principles and development prospects of different types of hybrid vehicles and used car value assessment standards and operating methods, and provided practical advises on new energy vehicle development based on the situation of Mongolia. Among them, the "Used Car Appraisal and Evaluation Vocational Skill Level Standard" and "Course Teaching Standard for Used Car Appraisal and Evaluation" were certified by VETP. After the training, the participants expressed that the training was rich in content and practical, and they looked forward to attending the training next year.


    The success of this training is another important achievement of our institute to give full play to the advantages of UNEVOC Center, to deeply serve the construction of "One Belt and One Road" and to promote the internationalization of vocational education, as well as another important window for our institute to display the advantages of Chinese vocational education and to increase international influence.

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