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    ZJTIE & MDIS Graduation Ceremony 2016 Was Held Successfully in ZJTIE


    Recently, ZJTIE (Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics) and MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) graduation ceremony 2016 of co-running two majors, namely International Trade Practice and Hospitality Management, was held successfully at the third floor of administrative building. The president of MDIS, Dr. Eric Kuan, Executive advisor & Chief representative Chong Kwan Wai, Director of overseas curriculum development, Dr. Katie Avery; Executive officer of the International Department, Ethan Ding; and president of ZJTIE, Chen Lineng,vice president Huang Chunlin, dean of management technology department, Lv Chao, vice dean of commerce & trade circulation department, Jin Xiangyang etc. attended the graduation ceremony. 96 graduates attended the ceremony and obtained the diplomas of ZJTIE and MDIS.

    President Chen Lineng of ZJTIE and President Eric Kuan of MDIS awarded graduates the diplomas

    The graduation ceremony started with the six-minute video which shows “Decade cooperation between ZJTIE and MDIS”. Vice president Huang Chunlin of ZJTIE presided over the ceremony. President Chen Lineng of ZJTIE and President Eric Kuan of MDIS made addresses respectively. They offered fervent blessings for the graduates and wished the students a good future. The graduates took over the diplomas from two presidents, which meant that a broader and more complex social university is waiting for students to explore and experience. Graduates said that they would live up to the expectations of schools.

    President Eric Kuan of MDIS gave a speech to students from ZJTIE

    After graduation ceremony, President Eric Kuan gave the speech about “life-long learning” to the students from ZJTIE. President Eric Kuan attached the importance of vocational education and he said that learning professional skills will contribute to finding a good job, so the development of vocational education promotes the employment rate and vocational education plays an important role in higher education. After the speech, President Eric Kuan and students carried out an extensive communication and interaction.

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